The Christmas trees of Mayfair

In the festive season, almost every shop, restaurant, café and hotel in Mayfair begins to add a sparkle to its offering. But there are two places that really stand out for its offering. These places are The Connaught and Claridge’s, both five-star luxury hotels in the area. Here’s why this year’s trees at the hotel are so special.


This year’s Christmas Tree at Claridge’s, unveiled on 27 November, is created by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. Called ‘The Tree of Love’, the 20-ft tree is inspired by the designer’s passion for love itself. The tree symbolises both life and nature, drawing creative influences of the astrological world.

The sculptural tree has 8,000 hand painted silver-leafed leaves and is highlighted with a blue iridescent glimmer. Also decorating the tree are glass spheres and 150 hand-blown hearts, plus six silver-leafed abstract animals. These include a deer, representing gentleness, a peacock, representing beauty and an owl, representing knowledge and wisdom.

The vision extends beyond the tree, with zodiac sign constellations projected onto the walls and ceilings, which brings together the idea that everything is derived from the universe and the tree winds its way upwards towards the heavens from its roots.

The Connaught

Located on Mount Street, The Connaught’s tree is bathed in multicoloured changing lights. Designed by conceptual artist Sir Michael Craig-Martin CBE the tree is decorated by 12,000 digital rainbow lights, which circle from its base to the tip. The intricately placed strands of light continually change in a carefully choreographed pattern

The night metres tall, 45-year-old spruce is a bold, eye-catching tree, and is truly one-of-a-kind. Sir Michael said about the tree: “It struck me that however beautiful, most Christmas trees are static, unchanging. I wanted to make a tree that was dynamic. I decided to engulf the tree in lights and find a way to introduce a full palette of ever-changing colours.”

Keep an eye on the website for a short film documenting the Christmas lights switch on, on Mount Street.