& Squares

Belgravia's Gardens & Squares

The neighbourhood’s centrepiece, Belgrave Square is one the largest and certainly grandest 19th-century squares in the capital. Four decorative stuccoed terraces of individual residences with detached mansions at each corner surround a private garden; designed by George Basevi in the early 1800s. The two hectares of the established estate’s grounds with pergolas draped with wisteria and a tennis court is home to statues by Italian sculptor, Enzo Plazzetta and include explorer, Christopher Columbus.

Eaton Square

Belgrave’s younger sibling, Eaton Square is, in fact, an elongated rectangle. Named after Eaton Hall, Cheshire; the Grosvenor family estate, the square is framed by its large 3 bay townhouses, joined by classic terraces. At the eastern end, you’ll find the Greek revival styled, St. Peter’s church, painstakingly restored after a fire destroyed the Grade II listed church. You’ll notice a variety of architectural styles due to a long contraction period, in fact, the square was only completed in the year of Cubitt’s death.

Wilton Crescent

A stone’s throw from Belgrave Square gardens, you’ll find Wilton Crescent - a sweeping, elegant Grade II listed terrace, their stuccoed balconies overlooking their award-winning semi-circular garden with its tall Plane trees, white planting theme and modern sculptures. As with the other private grounds, you can explore the tranquil garden during open garden weekends in the capital.