Eccleston Yards presents New Year’s Revolutions.

Eccleston Yards presents New Year’s Revolutions.

Are you a budding entrepreneur, looking to start your own business or perhaps you already have and are looking for some more inspiration or practical advice? Look no further as Eccleston Yards with Caroline Issa - the publishing entrepreneur and style icon – will host New Year’s Revolutions, a two-week series of talks and workshops.
Caroline will host a panel discussion on the 17 January at 6.30pm with our very own entrepreneurs taking part.  Join them to hear the discussion on ‘Can balance exist in today’s tilted world?’
A second discussion will take place on 24 January with Lucy Cleland, Editor-in-chief of Country & Town House for discussion on how to approach work life balance.  
Additional workshops and events will be announced in the following weeks. See below for more details and how to book a seat.

How to Succeed in 2019 Lucy Beresford, broadcaster, writer and psychotherapist.

30 January 7pm – 9pm at the SMUK London Studio, Eccleston Yards.

Lucy will be talking about how to create a great work/life balance and how to live a life you love in the New Year. She will be signing copies of her books, “Happy Relationships: at home work and play” “Invisible Threads" and "Hungry for Love.”

Best known for hosting LBC’s Sex & Relationships show, Lucy is also an Agony Aunt at ITV’s This Morning, hosts the ‘Love Decoded’ show for eHarmony and delivered a recent TEDx talk on the subject “Infidelity: to stay or to go?.”

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Go-to-Market USA International Expansion Workshop

Thursday 31 January 9am – 5pm one to one appointments in Central Working, Eccleston Yards.

Is your company looking to expand to the US in 2019?
With US Economic growth predicted at 2-3% in 2019/2020, there has never been a better time to sell your products and services to America.

To find out how your business can take advantage of the expansive US market, register for one of a series of FREE one-to-one 2-hour mentoring workshop with US expansion experts from a mix of Department for International Trade, and specialist US commercial advisors like Thorelli & Associates, Vayner Media and OCO Global

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Office Hours – from the experts at KPMG

18 January 9am – 6pm (hourly slots) – Central Working, Eccleston Yards
Do you have a some burning questions on the growth of your business but you’re not sure who to ask? KPMG are here to help! The team specialises in the requirements of scaling businesses in both the UK and international markets. As your gateway to a global network with a wealth of experience they are well positioned to help with any queries you may have from growth and funding, to internationalisation or even planning your exit.

If you’re a high-growth company and want to have a one-to-one session with KPMG to see how they can support you and your business just book using the link below.

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Panel discussion with Caroline Issa – Can balance exist in today’s tilted world?

Thursday 17 Jan 6.30pm – 7.30pm – Central Working Auditorium, Eccleston Yards

Join Caroline Issa, Fashion Director of Tank Magazine along with Tom Warren, Co- Founder of Wild by Tart, Tracey Suen Co- Founder of 50m and Archie Hewlett Founder of Duke and Dexter for a panel discussion on balance in today’s tilted world.

How we combat against the speed of technology and the requirements of daily life? How can the gig economy and shared working spaces enhance a sense of community? Are just a couple of the topics to be discussed.

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Panel discussion with Lucy Cleland – how should we approach nourishing our bodies and minds in 2019

Thursday 24 Jan 6.30 - 7.30pm – Central Working Auditorium, Eccleston Yards

Join Lucy Cleland, Editor-in Chief of Country & Town House Magazine along with Yulia Kovaleva, co-founder of Re:Mind Studio, Miabella Ristorp, founder of SMUK Beauty Studio for a panel discussion on how we approach nourishing our bodies and minds in 2019.

How to approach work/life balance? What are the key ingredients to keeping on top of it all? How and where do we go for inspiration and new ideas? Are just some of the topics to be discussed.

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The Perfect Pitch – from the experts at KPMG

21 Jan 6pm – 7.30pm – Central Working Auditorium, Eccleston Yards

Do you have an elevator pitch that leaves people confused about what you do?
Do you hate standing up in front of people?
Do you worry that you leave people feeling confused, or that they’ll forget who you are and your pitch?

The ability to confidently, clearly and concisely communicate who you are and what you do is crucial to your success. This workshop will help you move forward in delivering amazing pitches to a variety of people, all in 60 seconds!

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Want to really bring something new to your business this year?

5 February 6.30pm – 8pm at Central Working, Eccleston Yards.

It’s difficult to get different results using the same approach. Let’s discuss something new for your business this year. Each New Year we talk about achieving new things. But how often do we take a new approach? Usually we just try harder without trying anything truly new. Trying harder using the same approach has built in diminishing returns. Join One Thought for a look at a new dimension of effectiveness in all areas of life and work. You might see how to make this year easier, more productive and leave many existing difficulties and frustrations in the past. 

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