gal-dem's international women's weekender

To celebrate international women's day, we'll be throwing a series of workshops, talks and events to explore womanhood in a variety of different contexts.

gal-dem storytelling, drinks, DJ's and opening night 6:30-11pm

We read stories from women of colour every day in spaces like gal-dem, but how often do we hear those stories out loud? How often do women of colour of colour take the mic, for 5 minutes, uninterrupted, to tell their story?

Let's talk womanhood. For this special session, we'll celebrate the stories about womanhood - from mother's to alternative conceptions of ‘womanhood’ how femininity can and has been shaped over time. Our audience is invited to come armed with a story about womanhood and what it means to them for this gal-dem storytelling special.

The only rule(s): your story has to be 5 minutes long, true and about yourself (and no notes!)

We'll be rounding up the night with music from Nadine Artois of Pxssy Palace. Pxssy Palace is the club night and collective prioritising womxn and femmes of colour, queer, intersex, and trans people of colour, and transforming London’s nightlife scene.

This session is supported by Absolut (free drinks)

MORNING - gal-dem international women's day run hosted by Kim Ngo (to end at the venue).

12-1pm: Women in sport
This session will explore how women of colour can succeed in sport and will be hosted by athlete Kim Ngo. The conversation will centre around the 'drop off' rate in girls who stop playing sports, cultural and social incentives for and against participation and how sport and creativity can intersect.

2pm-3:00pm: Women in literature The label of 'Women's Writing'
An exploration of the label of ‘women’s writing’ hosted by gal-dem editor, Micha Frazer-Carroll featuring Bernadine Evaristo, Chelsea Kwakye and Sara Collins.

3:30 - 4:30: Representation of women in the arts, a dialogue on the portrayal of women in the art world
This session will be hosted by gal-dem's art director, Leyla Reynolds and will explore representations of women in the arts from illustration to curation and will feature interactive break out discussions with women of colour artists working in the field. Panellists are TBC.

5pm - 6:30 pm: Protecting our Energy: Womxn and NB Folx in Spirituality
Dealing with toxic environments and/or people is draining, to say the least! For spiritual womxn and nonbinary folx, this can be even more intense due to our awareness of people’s energies and intentions. Join in on a discussion and Q&A where we’ll be sharing experiences, amulets, and rituals that help us protect ourselves in a world that’s constantly throwing shade, nazaar, and negative energy our way.

This session will be hosted by astrologer Marissa Malik and intuitive tarot reader and jewellery designer Suhaiyla Shakuwra.

7pm - 8pm: gal-dem's feminist news hack
Hosted by gal-dem's political editor Leah Cowan: 'gal-dem's feminist news hack' will be chatty and casual, discussing the top politics stories from a feminist viewpoint. Imagine a current affairs/news podcast, but live. Panellists include @kimmi_mcintosh and Meera Narendra.

8:30 pm til close 'About funny women': live performances and a discussion about what it means to be a woman in comedy (and free drinks)
What does it mean to be a ‘funny woman’? This session includes live performances and a discussion hosted by comedian Sophie Duker. The session will include comedians Charlie George,  Sukh Ojla and Esther Manito.


12 - 1:30 Yoga
Yoga for women with colour with Wai- Ling Man. Wai-Ling teaches a variety of classes from Yin and Thai yoga which are mostly floor based for stretching to flow/ vinyasa/ dynamic yoga and has been instructing for over 5 years. She currently teaches at Breeze yoga in Beckenham and David Lloyds.
Warm-ups include traditional standing postures of warriors and then down the floor to slow down with Shavasana at the end. This class is welcome to people of all abilities.
NOTE: Please bring your own mat. If you do not have a mat and cannot borrow one, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you locate one.

2-3:30pm The art of being present meditation with Suhaiyla Shakuwra
The Art of Being Present with Suhaiyla Shakuwra is a workshop exploring the various ways of focusing on being present and remaining in the moment. During TABP we exercise mindfulness using different types of stimuli, i.e. Tarot cards, crystals, sound, etc. The session ends with an opportunity to create your own visual response to the mindfulness exercise.

4 - 6pm Life Drawing (Our Naked Truths)
Our Naked Truths is a safe, inclusive space for female identifying and non-binary persons to create, connect and celebrate universal beauty. Through our life art therapy sessions, we encourage our community to explore themes of self-acceptance through artistic expression, meditation and conversation. Theme: Because I AM; focusing on exploring security, acceptance and radical self love. Through discussion, we will discover practical solutions to nourish, promote healing, self acceptance and self–love.

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