Over Glam

OVER GLAM London is a pet fashion brand founded in 2018 by cousins Ran Xie & Jerry Huang. The pair grew up with their beloved dogs not just as pets, but vital members of the family.  

The name OVER GLAM demonstrates how the love between people and their pets goes beyond tasteful products. Every aspect of design, fabrication, and craftsmanship is considered with the utmost attention to quality and detail, and the designers bring their high fashion aesthetic into themed collections focused on real aspects of our pets’ everyday lives. 

The lives of our pets may be shorter than our own, but that doesn’t mean they should be predictable. OVER GLAM’s vision endeavours us to savour the time we get to spend with our pets through the activity of dressing up, and the deep trust of building relationship bonds through play—making these special years together simply unforgettable.


Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 11am - 7pm Sunday 12 - 6pm


13 Eccleston Yard SW1W 9AZ


07788 605901