We try… Jo Loves candle shot studio

Choose your fragrances and create something special with a Jo Loves candle shot.

There are a huge number of fantastic restaurants dotted around Mayfair catering to all tastes. But one in particular – 34 Mayfair in fact – is a little more eye-catching than usual at the moment.

Whether you want a candle that’s vanilla flavoured, citrus scented or fragrantly fresh, Jo Loves on Elizabeth Street will have exactly what you’re looking for. But what about something a little bit more personal? The candle shot studio at the store is a chance for friends to get together and be guided through some ideal scent combinations for candles that you can call your own.

It’s a simple process and is described by the mastermind behind it – Jo Malone –as inviting people “into the creative process by blending your own moments and memories together”.

The first step is to choose your fragrance from a menu. It’s like looking at a cocktail menu and explains what inspired Jo to come up with it. You need to choose two scents. The first is the base, which is the main part of the candle. The other scent is the shot, a smaller, plug-shaped element that fits into the base.

Log fires and salted caramel is the perfect autumnal, wintry fragrance, with smoky warmth and subtle sweetness. There’s also Tahitian gardenia and petitgrain – an exotic, citrusy, floral combination – as well as saffron oud and frangipani, a calming combo inspired by Jo’s trips to the Middle East.

Vera is our expert for the day, and she paints a variety of fragrances onto canvases so I can smell them all and decide what would work. She talks me through each scent, explaining what works well together and chatting about her favourite fragrances. It’s fun and Vera is a good teacher – anyone who comes to the studio will leave feeling like an expert.

I’m here for a Christmas candle, so we settle on log fire (the base) and saffron oud (the shot). Once the shot is in the base, Vera blasts it with a blowtorch, sealing the two together.

That’s it – the process is simple but the journey to the end product is what you come for. A beautifully wrapped box is returned to me in a bag containing my Christmassy creation, and I’m given very specific instructions on how long to burn it for on the first time doing so (two hours, so the wax melts to the edge).

Leaving through the arch of lights at the front of the store, it’s safe to say that the Christmas spirit has arrived. And it’s thanks to the Jo Loves candle shot studio.