The Best Chinese Restaurants In Mayfair

Mayfair is home to a fantastic selection of excellent restaurants, among them a number of internationally renowned Chinese eateries. Serving up specialities from across this vast country, these restaurants offer a wide variety of high-end Chinese dishes and mouth-watering ingredients. If you’re in Mayfair and want to enjoy outstanding dim sum or scintillating stir fry, these innovative and exciting restaurants will fit the bill perfectly. 

Park Chinois

One of the best known Chinese restaurants in Mayfair, this high-end eatery has a varied menu, sumptuous décor and an indulgent atmosphere. The old fashioned glamour of its interior has a distinctly 1930s feel, with cocktails, live music and live shows adding to the ambience. 

Park Chinois has two dining areas: the main restaurant, Salon de Chine, has a big, bold menu and a stunning setting. Downstairs, you’ll find Club Chinois, an entertainment and dining venue where you can enjoy great food and live performances from top DJs. Park Chinois is the ideal destination for everything from a light lunch to an opulent dinner. Private dining options are available. 

Kai Mayfair 

With its Michelin star and sophisticated dining room, Kai is arguably one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair. The food served is based on the cuisine of Nanyang, a prefecture located right in the middle of China. However, every dish on the menu has an innovative modern twist, making this food unlike anything you will have eaten before. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and is the perfect place to try modern Chinese cooking at its very best. 


Murger Hanhan Sackville Street

Specialising in food from north-central China, Murger Hanhan has billed itself as London’s first authentic Xi’an restaurant. The upmarket eatery is named after a hot meat sandwich, or ‘murger’, whose clay-oven-baked bread’s recipe is thought to date back over two thousand years. 

As well as a choice of murgers, the restaurant serves a selection of soups, noodle dishes and specials. The good value food on offer at Murger Hanhan makes the eatery an ideal place to grab a quick lunch before heading off to explore the attractions of central London. 

Hakkasan Mayfair

One of the best known Chinese restaurants in Mayfair, Hakkasan has a well-deserved Michelin star and a high-end clientele. The elegant main dining room is the perfect place to enjoy mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. If you’re visiting in the evening, make sure you visit the moodily-lit basement, the perfect place to sample dishes, sip cocktails and relax. Great service, an extensive menu and outstanding cooking make this Mayfair Chinese an excellent choice for all occasions. 


Lucky Cat Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is well known for the outstanding quality of his restaurants. Lucky Cat, his Asian-inspired eatery, is another excellent offering from the Ramsay stable. The restaurant has a wide choice of menus including A La Carte, vegan and brunch options. Special deals are available for those dining at lunch time and for early dinner arrivals. If you want an experience to remember, book a seat at the Chef’s Table or arrange a private dining experience.

With so many outstanding Chinese restaurants to offer, Mayfair is the perfect destination for an unforgettable meal. Try one of these excellent eateries for yourself to enjoy some of the best Chinese cooking London has to offer.