Namaste in the house


When you've been advised to keep travel to a minimum, but need to remain calm why not join Re:Mind with their online meditation classes. 

How to join:
- Book the usual way through the Re:Mind website (at least 15 min before the class).
- Download the latest version of ZOOM.
- Look out for an email with the ZOOM meeting link around 10 minutes before the start.
- Classes are kept to the same numbers as in the studio (14 guests per class) to keep these sessions intimate and give you an opportunity to connect with the teachers.
- Session prices remain the same and teachers will also receive their usual rate.

Find rest and healing through Re:Mind, you can still keep in contact virtually in the follow ways: 

1. Live-stream sessions via ZOOM.
2. Visit their online store - a temporary side for the brand. 
3. Private healing, meditation or breathwork sessions via Skype or Zoom. Drop Re:Mind an email if you would like to book.
4. Instagram - follow Re:Mind on Instagram as they will be sharing lots more resources over the next few weeks.