New Public Artwork by Rachael Champion

We have partnered with Modus Operandi to bring a new public art commission in Berkeley Square.

Temporary Retention Site for Atmospheric Particles takes its inspiration from the remarkable London Plane trees of Berkeley Square. Layered bark shaped panels with printed imagery surround a series of brightly coloured metal drums, each containing an array of bioremediating plant life known for their ability to reduce air pollution in urban environments. The metal drum containers refer to the petrochemical industry, a conceptual link to London’s poor air quality. In this sculpture they are being repurposed as vessels to support biodiversity and a cleaner environment.

“Temporary Retention Site for Atmospheric Particles addresses the issue of air pollution within
our cities. Located adjacent to Berkeley Square where some of the oldest and most majestic
examples of the London Plane tree can be found, this artwork looks to other species for
inspiration and collaboration to improve the quality of the air we breathe.”

Rachael Champion


Temporary Retention Site for Atmospheric Particles, Rachael Champion, Berkeley Square, 2020.
Image credit: John Hooper