Making Mayfair More Sustainable

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In the last issue we updated on the stretching green goals GBI has committed to. Collaboration with tenants, customers and partners across Mayfair is key to making Mayfair more sustainable.

Here’s an update on our latest efforts:
  • More green leases – 18 retailers have now signed up to green leases, an agreement made between tenants and landlords aimed at reducing operational emissions
  • Managing energy consumption - we have recently finished installing smart meters across our residential short let portfolio, which will help us to monitor and improve energy performance.
  • Trialling new technology - a recent trial of new energy management technology has helped reduce energy consumption by 40% in one of our buildings.  We are now working on a programme to roll this out across more buildings.
  • Switching to renewable sources - we are starting a programme of replacing large gas boilers with alternative solutions not powered by fossil fuels, which will reduce local emissions and be powered from renewable energy sources.  
  • Testing sustainable alternatives to window vinyls - we’ve teamed up with air-purifying paint supplier, Airlite, and glass-mural artist, Aga Skiba, to create an environmentally friendly way of activating vacant retail units across Mayfair - pictured above.