Xen-Do Mayfair

A refined combination of western boxing disciplines, and karate. Xen-Do Kickboxing offers intense full body fitness and comprehensive self-defence, taught at championship level.

Flexibility. Coordination. Speed. Fitness. Strength.

Xen-Do Mayfair Offers:

  • Comprehensive Martial Arts programmes to suit all ages and abilities with personal and private lessons available.
  • High quality facilities in the heart of the Mayfair, providing a timetable structured to the needs of a busy lifestyle.
  •  based on our proven 'Little and Junior Champs' programmes.
  • Champion Xen-Do Instructors - see our  bios.

If you're still unsure, then take advantage of our  that gives you an idea of what Xen-Do is all about.

Complete with a full introduction from one of our instructors, the lesson allows you to experience what a Xen-Do session is like, as well as giving you a chance to meet other members of the Mayfair club.



Basement 35, South Audley Street, Mayfair W1K 2PJ



0207 493 2761