Gingerline’s TV Dinners

Gingerline’s TV Dinners

"Broadcasting" live from a W1 London Studio, Gingerline's TV Dinners will give audiences an incredible, four-course dining experience in gameshow format. Here palates win points, and points win tasty prizes.

Hosted by TV darlings and off-screen sweethearts, Mitch and Madge Glimmer. And introducing the micro-wave with the maxi brain, it’s Snack-a-Max 2000.
Unsure what you are letting yourself in for? In this gameshow, how food is won, delivered and eaten all comes down to team effort. 
Gingerline experiences are always built around unpredictability and in this incarnation especially, we can’t give too much away, lest we give some competitors an unfair advantage.
However, what we can promise is for all those square eyed lovers of TV dinners of old; for those who really love a good game show; for those who are in it to win it; and for those who just love chowing down on the best food in town, Gingerline’s TV Dinners is the stuff dreams are made of. And of course, Gingerline’s delectable track record ought to be enough to get minds wondering and mouths watering. 
The delicious four course set menu will be produced by Gingerline’s sister company and food partner Flavourology with Executive Chef, Jenny McNeill. 


Launching 6th November to February 2020
Location: 56 Davies Street
Please visit for more information.

Have a bigger group? Get a full team of 12 together and you’ll get 10% off the total. Email with your details and they’ll send you a special link to book.