Giovanni Raspini

The store settles within the beating heart of the most fashionable streets of London, in Mayfair, at n. 5 of South Molton Street, a delightful pedestrians only street situated just south of Bond Street tube station, few steps away from Oxford Street and New Bond Street, the two frantic shopping high streets, thoroughfare the former and traditional and of more austere character the latter, which is, in fact, regarded as the most exclusive shopping street of the Capital.

The London flagship displays one very large window, while the outside building is all black and, in addition to the traditional crocodile door handle, it boasts a flag on which the big brother of the reptile is climbing, in an eighty centimeters cast. The store project, besides offering the black and white dialogue, evolves in an important restyling of the concept which perfect the functionality and pleasantness, as expected for a brand in a continue evolution.

A new jewellery display case, and as many as three light-boxes with stunning images confer life and depth to the shop, while on the lower level there is a small drawing room, elegant and reserved.

Jewels, charms and household objects. The London boutique of the Tuscan brand is a true microcosm, inspired by the necessity of luxury, with the attention to quality and detail which have always identified it.

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Monday to Saturday 10.00 - 19.00 Sundays 12.00 - 18.00


5 South Molton Street W1K 5Q